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Posted by SignManager on Mar 27, 2020 2:00:00 PM

You never know what's underneath a fascia. That's a common phrase, right? While working with Bank of Melbourne on their refurbished retail front, the team stumbled across a piece of Melbourne history behind a fascia on T & G Corner in Warrnambool, Victoria. 

Hidden past: The original T&G Corner in Warrnambool. Picture: State Library of Victoria

This landmark building and the T & G (Temperance and General) landmark was established in 1876. SignManager, back in 2011, worked with St. George Bank to establish a new Bank of Melbourne location. After the successful completion of the fit out, the facilities team at Bank of Melbourne contacted project manager Connor McHugh to complete maintenance work on the building in late 2019. Refurbishing the fascia was a priority for the team after the body corporate fixed the integrity of the structure previously, with replacing of the ceiling joists and rotted wood. As the de-fitting process was underway to fix the awning, the team removed the sign to reveal the original T & G Corner sign. 

T&G CORNER sign (9)

Designed in 1940 by A & K Henderson and constructed with rolled tin, T & G was (and still is) the epitome of a sign post. When it was revealed, members of the public took notice and word started growing over the longevity of the sign and it's place in Warnambool history. The Mayor of Warnambool Tony Herbert and Councillor David Owen stepped in, writing a letter to address the uproar of local interest in preserving the sign, going as far as reaching Bank of Melbourne CEO Michelle Winzer. The property and facilities team at Bank of Melbourne and ACE Body Corporate contacted our graphics department to create a design that matched the original sign like-for-like. Graham Brittain, one of our graphic designers, utilized his typography skills to find a replica that most closely resembled the original. The design was approved (and loved) by the team at Bank of Melbourne, even getting the approval of CEO Michelle Winzer. After receiving the PO from ACE, we immediately started works. After hand tracing the original letters, the refurbished sign was laser cut. Our team had everything finished by February. 


This building is a staple in the area. A way point. A local icon. Residents held it close to their hearts for a reason. A reminder of the past, of the memories of walking through Liebig Street with friends and family. And that's why it's important to give these things a new lease on life. It's important to look after detailed pieces of work when they hold emotional value, even if it's not financially viable. Signs convey meanings beyond a brand. You can  replenish the essence of a place while refurbishing it's image for tourists and locals alike. Thank you to all involved in this special project, including Ace Body Coprorate, Bank of Melbourne and Logosahead and Warnambool Council. 





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